When a client gets G250

We set up a controller or master server with all the required software developed and kept by us and give the client access to a web console where everything can be easily set up. The client then can input all the information he brings with him such as lists, suppression lists, slave servers (IPs) and domains.
This service has a monthly fee and is sized accordingly to each client to ensure maximum productivity. We don't charge you per slave'' We support from a low-size 8GB RAM, single HDD deployment up to a full-sized 32-64GB RAM deployment with SSD and HDD for improved speed.

Some of the features of G250

Integration & Compatibility

  • Compatibility with all VPS (KVM, OpenVZ, Xen, VMware, Dedicated).
  • Integration with Amazon SES.
  • Integration with Adknowledge's AdStation.
  • Integrated IP reputation.
  • DNS integration with all major providers.
  • Compliance with all advertising platforms.


  • Full speed, over 350k/min depending on your setup (GI).
  • Highly configurable throttling profiles.
  • Hi-Speed list loading interface.
  • Major TLD profiles pre-loaded for optimal delivery.
  • Automatic Health Checks.
  • Automatic Health check on assets.
  • Fully trained, 5 star support and development staff doing continous development.

customizable and flexible

  • Fully automated slave management.
  • Multi-User support.
  • Handles large IP groups.
  • Custom DNS Support.
  • Easy URL masking and support for URL Shorteners.
  • User definable actions for SMTP responses.
  • URL customization that allows variables.
  • Nested Variables.
  • Plain text and HTML campaigns.
  • Hosting and click redirection with bot filtering.
  • Sender Lists.
  • Asset protection to avoid complainers shutting down click/redirect servers.
  • Complainer email decrypt.
  • Suppression list management for emails and domains.
  • GRE and non-GRE Tunnels.
  • Pre-loaded complainer domains.
  • Image modification to avoid hash detection.
  • Rotate Subjects.


  • Openers and clickers can be sorted by category.
  • Customizable Reports
  • Detailed SMTP view.